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Pretty in Red

This month's tank is "Pretty in Red," submitted by Marcie Jordan. The tank is roughly 17 gallons, houses a pair of angelfish, and tends to be filled with many plants. We have the full story and you can view images of the tank!

Article and photos by Marcie Jordan

I would first like to say that I think Aquazone is one of the most fun (and addicting) programs that I have ever used. Out of all the artificial life and virtual pet programs that I have seen, this is by far the most realistic I have come across. I hope that they come up some more additions to this one and maybe even some other type of "pets".

All of this I have learned out of trial and error, and being too anxious to set up a tank and get the fish in there! I have killed off several fish in the process and set up tanks I didn't really even like. :-( Now I take alot of time and care making my tanks.
When I create my tanks, I first consider the fish being used and try to pick a background and gravel that compliments them. This is the hardest part since I have downloaded everything I could get my hands on. I chose the red tones to make the Angelfish stand out and not be lost in a background that was too "busy". From there, I read up on the fish and pick plants and accessories that are recommended. Then comes the hardest part of all! Arranging the layout. I have literally spent hours (maybe even days!) trying out all different kinds of layouts. Once it "tickles my fancy", I get the water ready and finally add the fish.
I currently have 12 tanks of all different kinds of fish. I have successfully bred and had babies in most of these. I am waiting for this pair of Angelfish to produce young.
In closing, I would like to thank Aquazone USA for presenting me with this award and I hope everyone else has as much fun with this program as I do!
You wanna try it!? Here ya go!