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Here you can find out how to breed different fishes as well as look at some of the new strains of Guppies! I am personally cross breeding some strains, so you may see some of mine here as well. If you want to submit your tips or pictures of new Guppies, feel free to do so!

Current Project:

Right now I am trying to breed a Red Tail Mosaic Guppy. (You need AquaZone Deluxe II to do this!) The breeding process is very simple as guppies are profolic breeders. The tricky part lies in the genetics. The first step is to purify the traits that you want. Right now I am purifying a scarlet red tailed guppy and just the regular yellow mosaic guppy. After a few generations of inbreeding with those particular traits, the guppies should produce those qualities consistently. When this occurs, I will select a pair from each tank and breed them to each other. From there, I will select the traits that I want, in this case, the red tail mosaic guppy, and inbreed them to create a stronger strain. Once that is complete, I will post pictures and a more descriptive way of breeding this amazing fish.


The Yellow Mosaic guppies have had two broods so far. I have a total of 20 good young and about 5 bad ones. The females DO NOT eat their young, which means you do not have to separate the pregnant females to save the young. The only thing you have to keep track of is the nitrite levels as well as food. I had one brood of females that were in a tank for quite sometime without food. They have gotten sick and have not been able to recover since-baby guppies are extremely difficult to bring back from sickness. So if you have a pregnant female, make sure you check everyday until she drops-cause you will have to immediately drop in some food for the babies. Also, with babies in the tank, try to feed them at least 4 times a day-they will be much better off!


The Yellow Mosaic guppies are growing up nicely. So far, I have roughly four different varieties of Yellow Mosaics. The females are all in one tank, and are almost ready to be bred. Each of these Yellow Mosaics have different colors on their tails. I have proposed a strain name for each.

Generic Yellow Mosaic
Sunburst Yellow Mosaic
Goldenrod Yellow Mosaic
Sunset Yellow Mosaic

I have started to crossbreed the two varients, Yellow Mosaic female to Red Tail male. They are reaching breeding health and should mate within the month. I have also recieved the first brood of German Tuxedo babies, which should reach maturity in a month. I was also able to witness a Yellow Mosaic couple mating today (F1 generation, YM01 and YM02).


The German Tuxedo babies are fully grown up now. I have two different varieties of male-the lighter blue and the darker, more vibrant blue. I have given proposed names underneath each type. The albino guppies should be giving birth soon as well as the first cross between the F1 generation Red Tail and Yellow Mosaic.

Deep Sea Blue German Tuxedo
Sky Blue German Tuxedo

The RT/YM babies are born and are now 12 days old. As soon as they reach their maturity, I will post their pictures-get ready for a new strain of guppies!

Do you have any breeding secrets you would like to share? Feel free to send us an email!