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The happy little e-fish

While this page was meant to be a short article, many of you have wanted a page just about the Mekasia fish. So here it is...sorta. This is the beginning of a story that you surfers will get to edit. (Kinda) By getting the Mekasia fish, you not only get a fish...but you get something that no one has ever seen before. You get a fish that is *very* easy to take care of and one of the simplest fish to raise and breed. This article will tell you how to do it. After this month, if there is a strong response, the Mekasia Page will forever exist on the page. Email us your thoughts! Hopefully we'll have tips, and a breeding chart, and some other cool stuff. But first, the story!

The Happy Little E-Fish
A while back, on Valentine's Day, my girlfriend brought me a disk. It was a surprise for me! (Obviously) After opening it, I was even more intruigued since she had placed fishy stickers all over it. In my excitment, I shoved the diskette into my drive and double clicked on the disk icon. What i found was was several files, one of which said, "PUFF-KIT.HQX" I decoded the file and unstuffed it. Then, I opened the folder...

I had recieved the pufferchrome kit from AquaZone! (Well, actually from my girlfriend....) After getting over the intial shock, I quickly began setting up a tank for them....

Several Months Later...

I have sucessfully bred the Pufferchromes. All of their health is at 100%. I have 0% loss and 1% gain. The Pufferchrome is easily one of the best fish ever!

To start off, I selected several healthy Pufferchromes. I was hoping, with any luck, I should be able to give them a decent home. Well, luck definetly changed! I was able to create a home so well suited to their needs that they would breed. Their tank has a 10.0 and greater level of ammonia. I have their feeder set to feed them several times a day, and a timer to give them constant light hours. The tank is roughly 17 gallons which house four Pufferchromes, one infant, and one egg.
I plan on raising more infants up to the adult stage for breeding.
The simplest way to breed these guys is to give them a constant home; constant feeding times, constant light, and constant water quality. Raise them up from 54 health level to 100 is very easy. Keep going at it and eventually you will have a whole tank full of Pufferchromes to take care of! They also seem to exhibit a pairing off behavior, but that may just be my own fish.

Article and pictures by Larry C

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