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Setup The Tank:

Many of us Aquazone users look at those beautifully laid out tanks and envy those who have the time and talent to create such wonderful tanks. Here at AquazoneUSA you can learn how to! Just follow the simple steps below to find out how to turn your boring old tank into something visually spectactular!

Step 1:

Start off with a regular tank. Tank size is very important. Depending upon what visual effect you are trying to achieve, your tank must comply. If you plan on having long plants and "long fish," then a taller tank would suit your visual need better. If you plan on having many ground plants and fast swimming fish, then a longer tank would be better suited. Here we start off with a relatively small tank. (1024x768) This tank is roughly 10 gallons.

Step 2:

To start achieving your visual goals, select a gravel color that will match you fish and plant life. For this tank, we choose a lighter color.

We started adding some tall background plants. A good rule of thumb: the taller plants should be placed in the back, the smaller ones in the front. This will help create the 3-D effect we are trying to go for. In this case, we placed some large rotala near the heater-we are trying to hide it.
Step 3:

We now add an accessory. A natural object is always good-in this case we use bogwood. Sandstone would also make a very nice touch. The effect we are using here is based on the phenomenon called the "golden spot." The human eye loves to see things 1/3 off center. Divide the tank diagonally, top and sideways. Place your center of focus on this line-1/3 off center.

Step 4:

This next step is rather crucial, the laying of the ground cover. To create the lovely green carpet, we used Glosstigma, both large and small. You could also substitute Copagrass as well. Place the larger ones in the back and slowly add in the smaller ones. Surround your point of view and create the bed. Once done, you should have something that looks similiar to the picture on the left.

Step 5:

Finally, add in one of your favorite accessories and surround it by some larger plants. Here we used an angel surrounded by Java Fern, both large and small. The effect is a very stunning and balanced tank.

Several changes could be made, such as placing more plants in the background and using a backdrop, but these will be covered in the next part of Aquascaping. Until then, put these few ideas to work and you will soon be a regular on The Feature Tank! Until next time!

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