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Ask any fishkeeper, whether new or experienced, and they will all agree; the angelfish is quite the elegant fish. In fact, the angelfish has the beauty of many difficult to keep species, yet is quiteeasy to keep. Under normal tank conditions, the angelfish will fare just fine. Place it in it's specific water chemistry and it shall flourish. Of course, we will only discuss the basics of angelfish care in this article.

Angelfish originate from Brazil and the Amazon River. Ever since its discovery, many hobbiest have taken it up on themselves to breed them. Thus creating new strains. Aquazone handles two different varieties, the "wild" variety as well as the elegant black angelfish. there are many strains availible at local pet stores, such as veiltails, albinos, orange, chocolate, and deep; just to name a few.

Raising these fish is very easily done. Within Aquazone I make sure NH3 is low (1-10ppm) and that the water is slightly acidic. Water quality is very important if you ever want them to breed, as they are rather picky about it. Also make sure that the filter is no more than 10-15% dirty. Tall plants are a welcome as angelfish find this type of plant more "homey." Some plants that are good for this purpose are Rotala, Apogeton, Valliseria, and Bacopa. When selecting tank buddies, make sure they are gentle, slow swimming fish. It is true that angelfish can sometimes devour very small neons in rare occasions. Constant feeding is necessary for proper growth. By setting the food timer in Aquazone, you ensure that your fish are getting fed everyday. (Just make sure that there is enough food it it.) Angelfish also appreciate large tanks. When raising my angelfish, I placed two angels in a 55 gallon tank with no ther fish. This mroe realistically matches the angelfish's homes. They were both fry when I placed them in, but now they are 100% healthy adult angels. (which will, hopefully, one day breed)

My experience with these fish, both actual and electronic, has been wonderful. They are quite graceful swiming in a school around the tank. These fish have made it into the hearts of millions of aquarist around the world, and they will continue to do so forever. No matter what fish you keep, the angelfish will surely be one of them.